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Trailer Watch: Kim Ji-hoon’s Sector 7

Courtesy of Twitch comes the trailer for the the monster movie Sector 7. Directed by Kim Ji-hoon (May 18) and starring the prettiest oil rig worker ever (Ha Ji-won), plus a bunch of dudes, the film looks to be about an oil rig best by one crazy-looking monster. (Film Smash goes into more depth with the plot, if you’re really curious.)

It’s a fun, promising trailer, a little more in the vein of The Thing than The Host, I think—but what do I know? I can’t understand a word of this thing. The film is out in Korea in August, and while I don’t know of any plans to bring it to the States, if it does well, we’ll get it on DVD, at least. Unless it’s a smash hit, though, the most likely venue will be the art house circuit, where you’re unlikely to get it in 3D.

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