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Multiplex #655 is running late…

A last-minute-ish production assistant gig on a video shoot (for a web promotion I’m not sure I’m at liberty to discuss at this point) ate into my evenings for the last couple of nights, so Thursday’s Multiplex will be late, I’m afraid. Hopefully it’ll post on Thursday night, but… you know how things go. I only post this because I’d hate for anyone to start thinking that I’m going to make a habit of blowing my update schedule. :(

Anyway. If you’d like something to tide you over ’til then, please check out this a recent hand-drawn illustration I did for ReviverSoft that I thought turned out rather well. I did the portrait of guest blogger Rantz Hoseley also, but I mean the one farther down the page.

(If you didn’t know, I do illustrations for ReviverSoft’s computer tips blog now and then to help pay mah billz. If you’re of the Windows persuasion or you’d just like to occasionally see drawings by me that pertain to computers, subscribe to their RSS feed! And if you have a blog or podcast or website of your own that you’d like to fancy up by commissioning graphics or illustrations for it by me, feel free to shoot me an e-mail — especially if your site has anything to do with comics or movies! Because they’re awesome.)