Multiplex - a comic strip about life at the movies

Multiplex: the Card Game art by Angela Melick

Here’s one more piece of art from the Multiplex-inspired card game I’m working on for my Game Design class.

This card illustration is by Angela Melick, who does the aweseome strip Wasted Talent. She also did this guest strip for Multiplex not very long ago, so you should have already started reading her comic. If you haven’t, you and I cannot be friends.

Angela was tasked with the film still for Katy Perry’s Grandmama, in which Katy Perry (“in her directorial debut”) goes undercover as her own grandmother (Obviously, it’s a lazy reference to Tyler Perry’s Madea flicks, mixed with more than a little bit of Big Momma’s House. Blame me for that.)

There’s stil time to contribute a film still to the Multiplex card game, please e-mail me some LINKS to your samples (no attachments!) — gordon at, of course — and also let me know some genres of film you might be interested in doing. I need the art by the end of the month (and I might be able to push it a little bit longer than that), so get a hold of me soon!

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