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Multiplex 10 Indiegogo Second Chance campaign launches TOMORROW at 11am

Hello, Multiplex fans!

The Multiplex 10 animated short has completed production and will be released on January 29, 2018, via Vimeo On Demand. I’m incredibly proud of the short, and I hope you enjoy it. As you probably know, while the short film stands on its own, it was also conceived as a pilot for a Multiplex 10 series, and in order to have the best possible chance of turning the pilot into a series, we need to have the widest possible distribution.

Toward that end, we’re launching an Indiegogo Second Chance campaign TOMORROW at 11am Eastern that will help do two main things:

  1. Produce a Multiplex 10 branded USB card preloaded with the short, so that we can sell the short on physical media, such as at conventions.
  2. Help offset some of the costs of submitting the short to film festivals, distributing the film digitally, and promoting the film, all of which adds up super quickly.

Every penny beyond the $2,000 base goal will mean we can promote the short better, submit to more festivals, and produce promotional materials supporting the release. At $4,000, for instance, we’ll produce an all-new, 2–3-minute Multiplex 10 “webisode” featuring Kurt and Jason (and maybe some other familiar faces), which will be released free online.

But you haven’t seen the short yet, so how can you know you’ll want more of it? I hear ya. So along with the launch of the Indiegogo campaign, I’ll be sharing an exclusive preview of the first scene from the short!

With the release date of the short fast-approaching, this will be a quick one — the funding period will be only TWO WEEKS LONG. So don’t hesitate!