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Multiplex Movie Review: Transf4mers: Extinction of Ultron


Multiplex Movie Review: Transformers something something… the third one, anyway

See you tomorrow, with another movie review, and then back again on Friday with a third regular (continuity) update.

(btw, I took that top photo a decade ago, maybe. I forget…)

Multiplex Movie Review: Ex Machina


This isn’t an obscure movie, by any means, but in case you haven’t heard much of anything about it, here is the trailer:

Sorry, no Multiplex movie review comic for Thursday this week! See you on Friday with a regular update, though.

Multiplex Movie Review: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Tomorrow, I think I’ll be reviewing Ex Machina (suggested by one of the Patreon backers), to cleanse my palate from all the Bay, before I get into the next two Transformers movies on Thursday and next Tuesday next week!