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Archive for August 24th, 2010


Enter Szajda

A few incredibly generous Kickstarter backers got a full-page comic as one of their rewards, penciled and inked by myself, based on a theme of their suggestion. A couple of them have asked that their comics not be shared publicly (or not online, at least), but here’s one I can share with you. James Szajda asked to be featured visiting the Multiplex 10 and have the female staff fawn over him. I posted the pencils on the Kickstarter Updates page on Sunday (sorry, it’s for backers only), and here is the inked page.

I’ve been playing around with a semi-digital workflow on hand-drawn pages recently, where I pencil the comic digitally in Manga Studio Debut, then print it out to ink it traditionally. I use a mix of brush, crow quill and markers, but mostly brush.