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More Blue Beetle

Sorry, I haven’t updated this in a while! I’ve been spending far too much time trying to promote the book (and after the news that Diamond is — at least for now — passing on it, getting a bit discouraged by it all). I will try to remedy that in the near future.

Monday’s strip may be late, because I’ll be out of town most of the weekend, unfortunately, but I’ll let you know.

Anyway, here’s a sketch of my favorite super-hero ever, which I did in a few idle minutes at the Indianapolis Comic Book Show the other weekend:

4 Responses to “More Blue Beetle”

  1. Awesome! Love me some classic Blue Beetle! I prefer this one over the new one.

  2. Samantha says:

    Ah! Excellent! Blue Beetle never gets the attention he deserves. Except maybe in the countdown to Infinite Crisis, but then, you know, Ted Kord died… sad day. New Beetle though. Haven’t had a chance to read the new stuff. I wonder if it’s good?

    • I read it when Cully Hamner was drawing him. (He’s one of my favorite artists these days.) I think the new Beetle is a bit too generic. It’s like what if Peter Parker was Hispanic and got the X-O Manowar armor… Nothing too original, really.

      But then, I was also super-biased against the new Beetle, because I love Ted so much, so… y’know, don’t take that too seriously. :1

      • Sunil Jethwa says:

        I agree with you, it’s felt to me that DC were trying to come up with some sort of an uber Spider-Man meets Iron Man thing. That being said I don’t mind him to much, I just don’t follow him that closely. I may also be biased because Spider-Man is my favorite superhero, and I was a huge fan of Ted Kord.