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Archive for May 18th, 2011


“The Mountain” by Terje Sørgjerd

I often think of film (and comics) as a narrative medium, but every once in a while, something comes along to remind me that it’s not; it can be bigger than that, broader than that. It can be art.

“The Mountain,” a three-minute long, juxtaposed sequence of time lapse photography paired with a gorgeous piece of music from Ludovico Einaudi (whose music was used so incredibly well in Shane Meadows’s 2006 masterpiece This Is England), is simply breathtaking. It certainly generates a powerful emotional reaction that neither the images nor the music on their own would.

Check out Mr. Sørgjerd’s “The Aurora” over at Vimeo, as well. You can like TSO Photography on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.

“Hook, Line and Murder” by Eben McCue

Eben McCue’s “Hook, Line and Murder” is a fun, quick short (<3 min.) about "a fishing trip [that] triggers some form of post-traumatic flashback." The sound all seems to be appropriated from various films — music from the scores for Brokeback Mountain and The Dark Knight were pretty easy to spot, but is there anything else you noticed that I didn’t? Eben’s other videos are well worth watching, too, so check out Vimeo page.

(via The Forbidden Planet Blog)