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Rhyme Bandits T-shirt now available for PRE-ORDER

Although you couldn’t see it in the current strip (#590), I showed an image of Dub’s T-shirt over on Facebook: it’s a royal blue shirt sporting a “Rhyme Bandits” logo, parodying the Time Bandits logo, of course. People seemed to like it, and although readers always lie and say they would totally buy stuff and don’t once it’s actually available, I figure *I* would love to have one of these, so why not?

And so, the Rhyme Bandits T-shirt is now available for pre-order from the Multiplex Store. It is $18.99 for standard sizes, and (as always), I have to say, if you are a woman and like wearing Ladies’ style shirts, or you wear especially large (2XL+) or small sizes of even Men’s shirts, you should definitely consider pre-ordering if you like this design. At conventions, I sell basically two sizes: Mediums and Larges. I can’t afford to keep extras of every size, unfortunately.

I’ll keep orders open for three weeks (through June 10th), and if I’ve made 15 orders, I’ll print them up. If not, I won’t, and everyone will get their money refunded and be sad.

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