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Archive for June 30th, 2011


Trailer Watch: Killer Elite rocks you like a hurricane

Based on Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ novel, The Feather Men (not the Sam Peckinpah film, The Killer Elite), Killer Elite — purported to be based on actual events, but I’m gonna gets veerrryy loosely — is about an “ex-special ops agent (Jason Statham) who is lured out of retirement to rescue his mentor (Robert De Niro). To make the rescue, he must complete a near-impossible mission of killing three tough-as-nails assassins with a cunning leader (Clive Owen).” Chuck‘s Yvonne Strahovski gets fourth billing as a ridiculously hot blone woman who seems to be friendly with Statham’s character.

Director Gary McKendry is a new one to me; the Irish commercial director has only one short film to his credit on IMDB, but this action in this trailer looks pretty ace. We’ll see if he can tell a story as well on September 23.

Trailer Watch: Tomas Alfredson’s Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy international trailer

Let the Right One In director Tomas Alfredson’s next film is nearly here — an adaptation of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, an adaptation of the John Le Carré novel. Featuring an incredible cast — Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Tom Hardy (Inception and the upcoming Dark Knight Rises), John Hurt, Ciarán Hinds (Munich, There Will Be Blood), and Mark Strong among them — this looks to be one hell of a flick.

It’ll be out in the UK on September 16, Australia on October 27, and US theaters on November 18, 2011. Alfredson’s homeland of Sweden is saving it ’til Christmas, however.