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Trailer Watch: The Adventures of Tintin international trailer

Okay, I’m on board now. I still don’t like the too-“realistic” designs of the film, but Spielberg knows how to work a camera — apparently, even a virtual one — and I think I can get over it for two hours. The first trailer piqued my interest, but this new one actually shows characters talking and interacting more, and it’s all a bit more convincing.

For the uninitiated, the Tintin comics by Hergé follow the adventures of a young reporter, Tintin (Jamie Bell), and his dog Snowy as he journeys around the globe in search of a good story (even if you almost never actually see him write anything). The all-ages adventure comics were originally published from 1929–1976, and they are some of the greatest adventure comics ever made. (Various collected editions are in print, and should be available at good bookstores and comics shops everywhere.)

The Adventures of Tintin — adapting the two-part adventure comprised of “Secret of the Unicorn” and “Red Rackham’s Treasure” from the classic comics — sails onto the big screen on December 23rd.

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8 Responses to “Trailer Watch: The Adventures of Tintin international trailer”

  1. “Sails onto the big screen on December 23rd”

    That’s not the whole truth. It will roll out in Europe from 2011-10-26 through 2011-11-04.

  2. Thumbs down to trailer sites who put a minute-long ad (also a trailer) in front of a 2 minute trailer!

    • Replaced it with a YouTube one that looked about the same quality. The other ad-free ones I’d seen when I posted this were pretty shitty. I have a feeling this is a leak, because the colors look really muddy, especially noticeable on the Columbia Pictures screen.

  3. It feels like a return to Indiana Jones, except British (and I know Tintin is Belgian) 

  4. Why oh why do we get everything later than everybody?! Also, I have a feeling I’ll be liking the music very much…