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Archive for October 8th, 2011


Multiplex: Book 2 begins here! The Chapter 6 eBook is now available.

The Multiplex: Chapter 6 eBook, is now available for in the Multiplex Store! This 34 page PDF format eBook is perfect for reading on an iPad or any other tablet. (A PDF reader is required.)

Chapter 6 collects strips #103–121 from the Multiplex archives, plus six bonus comics (a few of which first appeared at the Deleted Scenes blog) and two extended scenes — all for only $1.49! Highlights include the Blogger becoming the Multiplex 10’s new Santa and the introduction of our gang’s archenemies: the staff of Flickhead Video.

As I’ve mentioned before, if you’re one of those Multiplex fans eager to see the Book 2 print collection come out sooner or later, you can speed up the production of Book 2 by getting the Multiplex eBooks — and you won’t be spoiling the printed book completely, since — like Multiplex: Enjoy Your Show (Book 1) — there will be even more bonus comics exclusive to the printed collection. (Unlike Book 1, however, the exclusive comics in Book 2 won’t be a single story, but several regular-length strips spread throughout the collection.)

Think of each eBook as a mini-Kickstarter for the creation of Multiplex: Book 2.