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Trailer Watch: Men in Black III

Holy shit, Josh Brolin’s Tommy Lee Jones is dead on.

Men in Black III opens on May 25, 2012 — a.k.a. the once and future Big Willy Weekend.

See the first trailer over on the YouTubes.

5 Responses to “Trailer Watch: Men in Black III”

  1. Rob Wilson says:

    Any data on whether it was shot in 3-D or if it’s a post-conversion job?

    (Worst post-con ever: Clash of the Titans or Green Hornet? [shanghaied into seeing both])

    • I can’t find anything concrete at a reputable movie site, or any official source. First Showing says it was shot in 3D, but they’re so full of shit it hurts.

  2. Jonathan Young says:

    please tell me no one is excited about this movie.  kind of disappointed you posted the trailer.

    • WintermuteNight says:

      I actually think it looks like it could be solid. Hopefully not all the best parts are in the trailer. Besides, Will Smith is due for good movie.

    • I didn’t say anything about it looking like a good movie, did I? Jeez, judge much?