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Han Solo

Just a quick (vector) sketch of Han Solo to de-stress… It’s almost impossible to overstate how awesome Astute Graphics’ DrawScribe plugin for Adobe Illustrator is. It makes drawing in Illustrator so much more intuitive and gestural than anything in the program’s native toolset. I love it.

3 Responses to “Han Solo”

  1. this reminds me, how do you feel about Harrison Ford coming back to sci-fi (epics) with Ender’s Game? u looking forward to that film too or not?

    • I think he’s a solid actor, but he’s so obviously in it for the money now (because he admits it) that it’s impossible for me to get interested in a movie because of his involvement. (Whereas back in the ’80s, he was in so many great movies, one after another — Witness, Mosquito Coast, and all of the obvious ones…)

      As far as Ender’s Game, I don’t know much about it beyond a vague idea of its plot, and Gavin Hood directed Wolverine: Origins, so… I’ve got no interest in it yet on those counts, either.

      We’ll see if any trailers change my mind, though.

      • gasp i thought the book was sort of the Bible with sci-fi geeks! you should try looking for a copy and reading it! :) for me it’s like Harry Potter (more intense, cruel and twisted version) meets Hunger Games (sort of) meets Starship Troopers.