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Trailer Watch: The third Dark Knight Rises trailer

Up until the apparently obligatory (these days) tag at the end, this is a pretty moody, ominous trailer. I feel like studios force trailer cutters to add those things at the end. For lighter action flicks, sometimes it can be a fun little “hey also” to put in at the end, but here, it’s just tacked on, and considering we’ve already seen the flying whatever-it-is (I guess they just call it “the Bat”) earlier in the trailer, it’s kind of pointless.

But whatever. The movie itself looks as promising as it always has — I’m guessing everybody reading this is already on-board or not, and nothing Warner Brothers can show to us now is really gonna sway that. The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20th, 2012.

One Response to “Trailer Watch: The third Dark Knight Rises trailer”

  1. I really love the contrast between the 1st and 2nd trailer.

    The first is very intense and in your face. Lots of slamming in the soundtrack.

    This one is very soft and menacing, building and building.

    Totally agree with the tag on the end. Should not have been there.