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Learn More. (non-fiction PSA)

As most of you know, I’m in grad school now, getting an MFA in Graphic Design. So I figured I could share some of my class projects with you, if Multiplex is gonna start being late all the time or whatever (which hasn’t happened yet, but who knows?)…

The following video is a PSA promoting non-fiction books, movies, and TV created for DES 8114 Graphic Design Studio (University of Minnesota; Steven McCarthy, instructor). The URL at the end is fake, although I do own it (it points to the Multiplex site), since I would like to eventually do something with it along these lines.

Music: “Eveningland” by Hem

Footage: Craig Smith, Life, Blue Planet, Chimpanzee, Planet Earth, Romano Archives, The People Speak (trailer), Baraka, For All Mankind, Wonders of the Universe.

Designed and edited by Gordon McAlpin using Final Cut Pro X and After Effects CS6 (for the titles).

2 Responses to “Learn More. (non-fiction PSA)”

  1. Charlie Spencer says:

    Why don’t I ‘get’ videos? Why do I automatically move on as soon as I see something in that format, not even giving the content a chance?

    I don’t even enjoy movies that much, and only see one or two a year. It doesn’t stop me from appreciating your great comic, but I do suffer from twinges of irony.

    • Trisha Lynn says:

      People are idiosyncratic like that? My dad likes fiction, but only fiction that’s mostly realistic, so he doesn’t like science fiction or fantasy. My boyfriend likes sci-fi, fantasy, etc., but can’t watch plays and barely can watch movies because they’re too long.

      People are weird, you know?