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“Paperman” by John Kahrs

Paperman played in front of Wreck-It Ralph‘s theatrical run, and it was absolutely wonderful. (Your mileage may vary, but if you appreciate a little magical realism, you’ll probably dig it.) The music by Christophe Beck is lovely, the sort of hybrid 2D/CGI animation technique is lovely… It’s just a lovely short film. If you haven’t seen it, enjoy. If you have, I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing it again.

6 Responses to ““Paperman” by John Kahrs”

  1. God Bless you. I spent 4 hours looking for a good version of this one day. I had given up. When I had first seen this I had just had a terrible date and given up on romance entirely. I loved this short so much that after the movie I hopped back online and had arranged another date for the next week. It didn’t go well either but hey optimism is good.

    • It’s weird — I couldn’t find it by searching for it, either. But Tom Brazelton had posted it, so I clicked through to that and favorited it, so now I can get back to it easily. (Or just come to this page.)

  2. yusaku777 says:

    I remember being thoroughly charmed by this in the theater.

  3. I was not prepared for this when I went to the theater. Extremely moving and the music has the ability to just decimate you emotionally.

    P.S. Adam WarRock did an amazing rap to the score. Just as touching.

  4. Jemidex says:

    Beautiful story, told without needing any words. One of the most moving animations for me since the montage toward the beginning of “Up”.

  5. Peter Huppertz says:

    Thanks – this is wonderful.