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Trailer Watch: Jean-Claude Van Damme in Welcome to the Jungle

This looks so stupid. Also funny. Maybe a little racist. But also really funny.

Rob Meltzer’s Welcome to the Jungle stars Jean-Claude Van Damme, Adam Brody, Kristen Schaal, Dennis Haysbert (the Allstate dude), and more. It hits theaters and on demand on the February 7, 2014.

6 Responses to “Trailer Watch: Jean-Claude Van Damme in Welcome to the Jungle”

  1. maarvarq says:

    Incredibly stupid, and not funny at all.

  2. mike james says:

    yeah, lord of the flies, as a comedy, with new, and i dunno what list actors……and van damme? hmmm maybe a late night i need to go to sleep netflick….cant see payign to watch this in a theater, wish they would make more movies to stream and skip the theaters. wait…please wait. ive worked at a multiplex, im not sayign skip theaters, im sayign skip these types of films for theaters.

  3. Justin Kuhn says:

    I chuckled

  4. Francis Parsons says:

    Stupid and funny. I’d DVD it.

  5. The Titillator says:

    This looks Poolboy amazing. I’d watch this in theatres opening night. Hell, I’d even pay.

  6. j_1_m says:

    Rob Huebel talked about this film on a recent Doug Loves Movies podcast. It sounds like a movie where the making of it would be a lot more fun to watch than the actual film.