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Trailer Watch: The Raid 2: Berandal internet trailer

Writer-director Gareth Evans’s The Raid 2: Berandal will relentlessly pummel theaters into submission in the US on March 28th.

6 Responses to “Trailer Watch: The Raid 2: Berandal internet trailer”

  1. Vince Sabatini says:

    Oh man. I went to an early screening last week. If you like the first one, you are going to LOVE this one. The bigger budget is totally justified, and not wasted. Every extra dollar went into making every battle that much more insane and over the top, while still (mostly) keeping it grounded and realistic. The last 15-20 minutes are utterly ridiculous.

    • Gordon McAlpin says:

      Is the story a little stronger? I did love the first one, but by the end, I had started getting a little tired of the non-stop action. A story (and characters I care about) aren’t things I think are totally necessary in action flicks, but a LITTLE bit helps.

      • Vince Sabatini says:

        Yes, but in a weird way, sometimes. The main character has only a little character development thrown his way, but all of the new characters, which is the rest of the cast, get a lot of story with them. I felt bad when some of the criminals met their end. One character, in particular, that I won’t name or spoil as best I can, got a seemingly large tangent of story time, for what was a minor role otherwise. It almost seemed out of place, but i think it was effective at showing the other side of the coin a bit, and helping the audience connect with said character, and connecting with how the other character’s react to that character, his actions, and fate.

        At any rate, much more story and character development to break up the fights than the first, but the end is a string of brawls. However, it is a natural conclusion to the movie up to that point, and I really felt that the whole movie had led up to everything that happens in a satisfying way.

  2. Justin Kuhn says:

    Can’t wait. It looks even better than the first one, which was pretty brutal.

    What I always remember from the first one was the last fight, and how the one little dude, the bad guy, would not stop kicking the two main character’s asses. One of them stabbed him in the neck. IN THE NECK. And yet he still failed to desist in chewing them up like sweet-n-spicy beef jerky. I don’t even remember how he finally bought it.