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Trailer Watch: Red band Snowpiercer trailer

I hope Captain America: The Winter Soldier has earned Chris Evans enough clout to get a wide release for Snowpiercer, because damn, it looks pretty fun. (In spite of the silly French-sci-fi premise.)

The Bong Joon-ho flick finally reaches the U.S. of A. on June 27th — fully intact, not the Harvey Weinsteined version, but as a platform release instead of a wide release.

2 Responses to “Trailer Watch: Red band Snowpiercer trailer”

  1. Christine Hintermeyer says:

    That’s not my kind of movie but I appreciate the Margaret Thatcher… cameo (you can’t even really call it a caricature, it’s so subtle :D )

  2. MelSkunk says:

    Oh, I hope this means the BD will be wildly released in translation. It was hard enough for me to find the graphic novel in French here in Canada, I’d love to see it released in English.