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Trailer: Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar full trailer


My big complaint about Christopher Nolan is that his films have been emotionally very cold. This looks like a complete 180˚ in that department. Interstellar shoots for the stars on November 7, 2014.

3 Responses to “Trailer: Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar full trailer”

  1. Mike Stevens says:

    Really very damn excited. I was ‘expecting’ to see more of the space angle, but very pleased that the trailer instead focuses on building the world that the film is set in.

  2. medwards says:

    Would you say that about Inception too?

    • Gordon McAlpin says:

      Yeah. I really enjoyed it as a sci-fi heist flick, but I didn’t give a crap most of the characters. Only Tom Hardy and (to a lesser extent) JGL had any real personality. Most of them just spout thinly veiled exposition, really.
      I’d say Memento is an exception, though, thanks to Guy Pearce.