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Trailer Watch: Gone Girl trailer #2

The second trailer for David Fincher’s Gone Girl is pretty damned great:

Gone Girl opens on October 3, 2014.

7 Responses to “Trailer Watch: Gone Girl trailer #2”

  1. LazerWulf says:

    “This video has been removed by the user…”

  2. The Titillator says:

    Thanks for posting. Now I r excite.

  3. David Kinskey-Lebeda says:

    Daaaammmmnnnnnn. That looks good. And what is now classic Fincher music too lol.

  4. piepirate25 says:

    Is it weird that I keep thinking of the Laci Petersen case? Or was that probably intentional by the director? Either way, this looks awesome and I’m totally spending damn near twenty dollars to see it.

    Nice to see you there, Tyler, not acting in modern-day minstrel show.

  5. RDW0409 says:

    Having just finished the book the other day, I’m even more trepidatious about the screenplay being written by the same author than I usually would be in that situation. Not wishing for spoilers, but have you read it?

    Ben Affleck is a great casting choice for the male lead. Neil Patrick Harris is an interesting choice for his role. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one, but it may have to wait for dollar movie night.