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The Multiplex 10 Kickstarter has SIX DAYS TO GO

The Multiplex 10 Kickstarter has (as of this writing) 444 wonderful backers contributing to it — that’s two more backers than the Multiplex: The Revenge (Book Three) had in its entire funding period. Which is, of course, fantastic.

But… because we’re talking about a $10 digital download (plus behind the scenes access) versus a $25 printed book (including shipping and whatnot), we’re still $1,260 short of the funding goal — and a few thousand dollars shy from being able to distribute the short effectively, which will increase our chances of making more than just one episode.

I’ve been posting Multiplex 10 comics for every significant milestone we’ve hit — like this one for passing the 90% funding goal — and there are more to come. Some of these comics (like the two I shared here last week) lead up to the events in the first episode. The Multiplex 10 comics are fun to make, and they let me work on the character models and other things that I’m building for the short without spoiling the story in the short, so I’ll keep doing them… if the short gets funded… about once a week, over at the Multiplex 10 website.

Anyway… yeah! Please check out the Multiplex 10 Kickstarter project page and chip in a few bucks if you’d like to see more adventures with Kurt and Jason and the rest.

ALSO… bonus materials for Book Four has started up on Patreon. New Book Four bonus comics will show up about once a week. (So far, there’s only a two-panel “extended scene” but… there’s more to come.)

AND one more thing — the Multiplex Store has a few new/old T-shirt designs. So if you’re currently shirtless, check that out. For instance, this oldie but goodie has been brought back from the dead (wink wink):

I Believe in George Romero