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Cyber Monday is stupid, but the books are on sale, anyway!

In addition to the Multiplex Book set being 25% off, the individual Multiplex books are now 20% off each — and for you digital comics readers, the PDF eBooks are on sale, as well. Check out the EXTREME SAVINGS at the Multiplex Store today!

I feel like a prostitute every time I write copy like this. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Shut Up Already T-shirt now available! Also, the books are on sale!

Jason’s T-shirt from Multiplex #967 is now available in the Multiplex Store:


Also! I know it’s rather early for this, but people have already started putting Christmas stuff up (bah humbug), so what the hell. For the 2014 holiday season, if you buy BOTH Multiplex books from the store, you’ll get them for $10 off!


Multiplex: Enjoy Your Show is a Staff Pick in the June PREVIEWS!

Multiplex: Enjoy Your Show (Book 1) has been available since September, but this June, Diamond (the largest comics distributor in the world) will finally be listing the book in their PREVIEWS catalog (Order Code JUN110987), which coincidentally has a “Movie Comics” theme. In fact, Multiplex: Enjoy Your Show is a Staff Pick! If you live overseas, where the shipping can end up costing more than the book itself if you order it through me directly, this is your best bet.

If you want to convince your local comics retailer to pick up the book, point him at page 258 of the June PREVIEWS, or simply download this sell sheet (PDF, 308kb) and give it to them; it has all the information they need to order the book!

Multiplex: Enjoy Your Show (Book 1) collects strips #1–102 from the Multiplex archives, plus over 40 pages of bonus comics including an all-new, exclusive 12-page Prequel story set on opening night of Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith, plus character bios, guest strips and more! The book 224-page, oversized volume retails for $19.95.

June’s PREVIEWS should be in comics shops WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1. Orders through Diamond will hit shelves in August.