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Book 2 Update and a bonus comic from Book 3

Multiplex: There and Back Again (Book 2) is being proofread, and I’m doing other technical stuff, getting the files ready for print. I’m also waiting to hear back from my distributor about various things before deciding on a final print run. Once I have the print run determined, I can settle on a printer and figure out when the book will be available — hopefully late summer or early fall, but… we’ll see. I’ll let you know as soon as I do!

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’m frustrated that the book is running late. I had hoped that the new content would have been done at the end of the summer, so my “free time” during the school year could be used to do the various rewards, and I could get a Book 3 Kickstarter going for the summer. Obviously, that didn’t happen, and I intend to finish everything related to the Book 2 Kickstarter project before launch a Book 3 Kickstarter project — but I still hope to get the next book started much, much sooner — so that I can get it out in under a year.

I shouldn’t need as much time with Book 3, because it will have fewer bonus comics than Books 1 and 2 did — roughly 20. Books 1 & 2 had about 30 bonus strips, plus Book 1’s Prequel story. Anyway, last weekend, I ended up taking a look at what Book 3 will entail and got sidetracked with thinking about what I would do in the bonus comics for the first chapter in Book 3 (a.k.a. Chapter 11). Aaaaand since I was enjoying myself, I decided to do this strip, despite having other things I should be working on (like graduate school stuff)…

Anyway, the strip below is set prior to Multiplex #217, making it the first strip in the book.


 The Hollywood Pitch

Multiplex: Book 3 bonus comic

To Infinity… and Beyond! (New Funding Goals!)

Multiplex: There and Back Again Lightning Round has met (and surpassed) its funding goal! Thank you to everybody who has pledged so far! Every one of your pledges has been vital to the project’s success, and I am incredibly grateful for your support. Multiplex has never been a runaway success in terms of readership, so your enthusiasm of my little cult comic is tremendously humbling.

The fact that we’ve passed the funding goal means, of course, what next?

I’ve said before anything over $15,000 will go toward paying off my lingering debts from Book 1, the promotion of Book 2, and, of course, supporting the continued production of the regular comic strip. As with the Book 1 Kickstarter project, I will share how I spend the funds with you in backer-only updates.

But allow me to sweeten the deal slightly with new Funding Goals:

$17,500 — Bookmarks will be added to the Basic Sponsor Pack (a.k.a. the $40 Reward Level, the $75 Reward Level, and up — but not the $50 “Just the Book” Reward Level, because it’s just the books).

$20,000 — eBooks will be produced in both PDF and ePub format. All backers [with eBooks included in their reward packs] will be get both formats (or just one, if you want). Also, backers at the $100 Reward Level and up will get their Chapter 1–10 eBooks delivered on a USB key along with their other pledge rewards.

$22,500 — ALL backers at the $8 level and up will get the Chapter 11 eBook free when it is completed.

$25,000 — ALL backers at the $8 level and up will get the Chapter 12 eBook free when it is completed.

$27,500 — ALL backers at the $8 level and up will get the Chapter 13 eBook free when it is completed.

$30,000 — ALL backers at the $8 level and up will get the Chapter 14 eBook free when it is completed.

$32,500 — ALL backers at the $8 level and up will get the Chapter 15 eBook free when it is completed.

Beyond that? Let’s worry about that later. :)