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Trailer Watch: Amazing Spider-Man 2 teaser

They’re showing all kinds of too much in this teaser trailer, I think, but it looks pretty great… despite the stupid character designs on the villains. (I was one of those people who enjoyed Marc Webb’s first Spider-Man flick quite a bit; the major clunky parts being where they seemed to think they needed to change up Uncle Ben’s death and other bits of canon, just to make it different from Raimi’s version.)

Bonus points: this is the best Spidey’s costume has ever looked in film. I hope Sony never changes the suit again (unless they do the black costume for a movie or two).

Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters on May 2, 2014.

Trailer Watch: Daniel Radcliffe in Kill Your Darlings

I just posted a trailer for a flick with Tom Felton, so I guess it’s only fitting to post one with Daniel Radcliffe now. The erstwhile Harry Potter stars as Allen Ginsberg in a “based on a true story” tale of David Kammerer’s murder by Lucien Carr (in 1944). Rounding out the cast are Dane DeHaan (Chronicle, Amazing Spider-Man 2) as Lucien Carr, Michael C. Hall (Dexter, Six Feet Under) as David Kammerer, Jack Huston (Richard Harrow on Boardwalk Empire) as Jack Kerouac, and Ben Foster as William S. Burroughs.

Director John Krokidas directs from a script he co-wrote with Austin Bunn. The film opens on October 16th in New York and LA; it’ll expand from there… although how much depends on how well it does, of course.

Trailer Watch: Found footage superheroes in Chronicle

I’m a little tired of the found footage thing, but Chronicle looks pretty damned interesting. The trailer shows you everything I know about the film, and likely everything you need to know about it before going into the theater. If you need some encouragement to watch the trailer, though, it’s about three kids who get superpowers (and then things get crazy).

Written by John and Max Landis (yes, that John Landis) and directed by Josh Trank, Chronicle stars Dane DeHaan, Michael B. Jordan, Alex Russell and Michael Kelly, and it hits theaters on February 3, 2012.

(Sorry to everybody outside of the US, because MTV Movies got the exclusive on this one.)