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Trailer Watch: The Total Recall theatrical trailer is ridiculously awesome.

A full trailer for Len Wiseman’s Total Recall is up, and while there’s the ever-present fear (these days) that the trailer is showing too many of the awesome bits, I love the shit out of it. I think I’ll be avoiding anything else about this movie so that I can actually it when I see it in theaters. Checkitout:

Now, I was on board with this flick from the teaser trailer, but how about you fence-sitters (or nay-sayers)? Has this won any of you over?

Total Recall stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel, Bill Nighy, and John Cho. It opens August 3rd.

Trailer Watch: Total Recall trailer

I’m a little late to the party with this trailer because of ECCC, which hit yesterday, but ho-leee crap. Colin Farrell makes me forget all about the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger/Paul Verhoeven cheese-fest of the same name with the trailer for their version of Total Recall. The new film, directed by Len Wiseman, supposedly sticks a bit closer to the Philip K. Dick short story, “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale.”

I realize Len Wiseman also did the first two Underworld flicks, which should temper my unquenchable thirst for intelligent sci-fi action flicks, but this looks great. For what it’s worth, Wiseman didn’t write the script for this, unlike with Underworld. He also did Live Free or Die Hard, though I never saw that one. This new version is from a screenplay by Kurt Wimmer (Street Kings, Equilibrium, Salt) and Mark Bomback (Live Free or Die Hard, Unstoppable, The Wolverine)… so… uh… hm. I guess we’ll find out when the whole film comes on August 3.

The official synopsis follows after the break…