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Multiplex: the Card Game art by Mathew Van Dinter

Above is the first piece of art from the Multiplex-inspired card game that I’m working on for my Game Design class (as part of my Graphic Design MFA). This card illustration is by Mathew Van Dinter, who just recently launched a “retro sci fi” graphic novel called Unearth. Check that out! It’s very young (only two pages so far), but his art is clearly fantastic, so it should be a hell of a lot of fun.

Although most of the fake movies have titles and descriptions, since I saw from his samples that he liked dinosaurs, I just asked him to do an “Adventure” movie with a dinosaur in some capacity, and he ran with it.

If you’d like to contribute a film still like this to the Multiplex card game, please e-mail me some LINKS to your samples (no attachments!) — gordon at, of course — and also let me know some genres of film you might be interested in doing. I need the art by the end of the month — so it’s a quick turn-around! Please do not volunteer if you cannot meet OR BEAT this deadline or follow directions, because I won’t be able to use your art and you will have wasted your time, and I will feel badly about it, but that’s just how it is. (If you’re interested in doing more than one, that would be awesome, too, but we’ll take it one at a time.)

Now, the shitty part is, because this is a student project, there is a zero dollar budget. However, there’s a chance that if playtesting goes well, I’ll be publishing this as a proper game next year (or so), in which case all of the artists will be paid to license their work. And, of course, you would keep the copyright.

I cannot use everybody, of course. As a graduate student, there is a minimum level of drawing ability that I need to require for this artwork — it has to be professional looking. And there are only so many of each genre of movie to go around, so you might be good enough, but just not suitable. If I don’t contact you with a movie (or some options), please don’t take it personally.