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Green Lantern

Good ol’ Hal Jordan. How I hate him — he’s just so damned boring. DC dicked him up, killed him off, and couldn’t leave him dead when they had two far more interesting replacements waiting in the wings: Guy Gardner and John Stewart.

And yet, I love the Green Lantern comic right now, because Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy are freakin’ brilliant.

(Originally posted on the Multiplex Facebook page a while back.)

3 Responses to “Green Lantern”

  1. Jason says:

    No love for Kyle?

  2. I never read it when Kyle Rayner was the only GL, so I’ve got no attachment to him at all. Plus, I’ve never liked a single costume of his. :1

    What little I’ve seen of him in crossovers and the current GL series, he just seems like Hal Jordan redux — just some milquetoast with a ring. Guy and John have distinct personalities.

    Bear in mind, my favorite superhero is the Ted Kord Blue Beetle, so, you know. I have shit for taste. :)

  3. Joel Shea says:

    Man, I thought we were totally BFFs until you started bad-mouthing Hal Jordan, the greatest comic book hero ever. You even did this bad-ass rendition of him. I know he’s no bored billionaire with gadgets and sparetime, but come on…

    Read “The Road Back”, the Green Lantern revamp from the late eighties (that’s the name of the TPB they packaged it as; it’s really the first 8 books from when they brought him back). Gardner and Stewart also play a big role.