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“Doodlebug” by Christopher Nolan (yes, THAT one)

With the next Batman film in production now, and people already getting whipped into viral frenzies over it, I thought I’d point you guys towards a Christopher Nolan film that you probably haven’t seen — “Doodlebug” is a creepy short film made by Nolan while a student at university. I’m not sure you can call it a student film if the filmmaker wasn’t a film student, but whatever you call it, it’s very well done for such a small film. “Doodlebug” stars Jeremy Theobald, who also starred in Nolan’s debut feature, Following (which is worth seeing, if you’re a fan of Nolan’s).

(Thanks for the heads up, James Mclaughlin!)

One Response to ““Doodlebug” by Christopher Nolan (yes, THAT one)”

  1. Loved the concept. It’s a really good short film, thanks for sharing.