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“Alma” by Rodrigo Blaas

“Alma,” by former Pixar employee Rodrigo Blaas, is a wonderfully creepy short from a couple of years back. Gorgeously animated and impeccably told, it wasn’t very surprising to learn that Guillermo del Toro and Dreamworks have optioned “Alma” to develop into a full-length feature, to be co-directed by Blaas and del Toro. While the resulting feature — if it should ever see the light of the silver screen — will almost undoubtedly have a more upbeat ending, I think it could work rather well, provided they keep the creepiness intact in the rest of the tale.

(Thanks to Mathew Hamilton Watts for reminding me about “Alma”!)

3 Responses to ““Alma” by Rodrigo Blaas”

  1. I greatly enjoyed this short back when I saw it last year, and thank you so much for bringing it back to my attention of it’s existence once more.

  2. Bill Morse says:

    Very nice. I could see where it was going less than halfway through but not in a bad way. As a long time Gaudi fan I loved the design for the shop.

  3. So pretty and creepy. Love the character design, can’t wait to watch the full-length movie! And with del Toro!