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Multiplex #115 1/3: Wish You Weren’t Here

This is the first of two bonus comics that follow Multiplex #115 in the Chapter 6 eBook — and the Book 2 print collection, eventually — this time adding a little to the tail end of the Multiplex 10’s New Year’s 2007 party. (The New Year’s arc started here, if you want to refresh your memory of the whole arc.)

I noticed that around this time in the archives, Gretchen had sort of disappeared, so to help her prominence late in Book 2 feel a little more natural when you read it in the collection, I need to give the red-headed she-devil a little more screen time in the earlier chapters.

The next bonus comic will either go up on Wednesday or Thursday this week, depending on how many regular Multiplex updates I can crank out. It will continue from this one, hence the “1/3” instead of my usual “1/2” for bonus comics. I’ve got five more bonus comics for Chapter 6 left before I can release the eBook… If you’d like to speed up the process for Chapter 6 and/or Book 2, please make a donation!

UPDATE (6/2): The second bonus strip this week is up — Multiplex #115 2/3: The Apartment All to Myself.

6 Responses to “Multiplex #115 1/3: Wish You Weren’t Here”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I read the comic before the background and was SO confused.

  2. yusaku777 says:

    I just realized something. You’ve managed to make a red-headed, green-eyed attractive girl who is NOT a fan favorite girl. Never even hit me until just now. I’ve always just disliked her to the point where her usual fetish fuel attributes didn’t register.

    I suppose I can chalk that up to being dense?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I still hear her voice as Quinn Morgendorfer.

  4. Yeah, so howsabout she’s got the whole Poison Ivy thing down pat.