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Multiplex: Enjoy Your Show is now available from Diamond Comics!

As I mentioned a week ago, Multiplex: Enjoy Your Show (Book 1) is in Diamond Comics Distributors’ PREVIEWS “movie comics”-themed June catalog, which is out NOW. (It’s a Staff Pick, even!) Since I’m really excited about the potential to get the book out to my international readers who can’t afford the high cost of shipping, and to introduce the book — and Multiplex, in the process — to many, many new readers, I wanted to share the solicitation with you guys.

Also as I mentioned before: if you want to convince your local comics retailer to pick up the book, point them to page 258 of the June PREVIEWS, download this sell sheet (PDF, 308kb) or just give them the Order Code (JUN110987). That’s all the information they need to order the book from any comics shop in the world with a Diamond account. (Yes, that includes PREVIEWS UK shops!)

Orders through Diamond will hit shelves in August.

From p. 258 of the June PREVIEWS

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