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Trailer Watch: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo full trailer

The teaser trailer was pretty great, but this… this is amazing. My interest in this film has just shot up through the roof.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo — the first in Columbia Pictures’ planned adaptation of the Stieg Larsson “Millennium Trilogy” — stars Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara, Christopher Plummer, Stellan Skarsgärd, Steven Berkoff, Robin Wright, Yorick van Wageningen and Joely Richardson.

The film hits theaters nationwide on December 21. You can check out this trailer in high def over at Apple, too.

(via Coming Soon)

2 Responses to “Trailer Watch: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo full trailer”

  1. It looks good, but I’m still being a snob when it comes to remaking movies so American audiences don’t have to read subtitles. It just seems pointless.
    ‘Let Me In’ was good, but the source material was good (better imop).