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Trailer Watch: Tom Hardy vs. Chris Pine in This Means War

Chris Pine co-stars as his best friend and convoluted rival for Reese Witherspoon’s affections in McG’s latest, This Means War.

The spy action-comedy looks kind of like Mr. and Mr. Smith, except funnier… or maybe I’ll watch anything with Tom Hardy at this point. Hell if I know. Anyway, it comes out on February 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “Trailer Watch: Tom Hardy vs. Chris Pine in This Means War”

  1. The whole idea is completely preposterous, of course, but the trailer makes it look funny. The kind of movie you would take your whole gang of friends, even the non movie-buffs, to the cinema to see. It must be fun to think up the kind of pranks that people with the right means at their disposal would pull against each other.

    By the way, Gordon, is there a reason you have kept totally quiet about the Avengers so far? Both in the comics and in “Trailer Watch”?

    • Heh. Not really. I guess I just spaced on putting it up on Trailer Watch (I know, bad blogger).

      I liked it, but other than the Hulk reveal (yay!), I didn’t think it really showed all that much. I’m already pretty excited about the movie; the teaser didn’t really do anything to add to that.