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Trailer Watch: Bugs and Heroes

Yesterday, Twitch posted a freaky looking trailer for Serbian director Petar Pasic’s live action/CGI hybrid, Bugs and Heroes, which I described on Twitter as sort of Delicatessen meets Antz, but even crazier.

See for yourself:

The film is a “sort of dark love story following both the inhabitants of an apartment complex and the bugs who live in their walls,” as Twitch describes it, and unfortunately, I wouldn’t hold my breath for a theatrical release here in the States, but… we’ll see.

4 Responses to “Trailer Watch: Bugs and Heroes”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, maybe netflix streaming will grab it.

    • Oh I think that’s pretty likely. Theatrically, maybe some company like Magnet or Music Box Films will get it, but it certainly won’t get a wide release.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, you’re right. Just too strange. It feels sort of like Amélie as directed by Kafka.

        It’s certainly my cup of tea, but def. a niche appeal.

  2. lol sounds like Joe’s Apartment if you ask me :p