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Trailer Watch: International Looper trailer

A new trailer for Looper is up — this one for the international markets. They might be showing a little too much, and we definitely get a bit more of the plot than we have anywhere else, so if you want to go in blind, maybe pass this one up, but God damn, this flick (still) looks good.

Looper opens on September 28 and stars Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, Noah Segan, Piper Perabo and Jeff Daniels.

4 Responses to “Trailer Watch: International Looper trailer”

  1. The age make-up on JGL kinda creeps me out a bit. This movie does look like an interesting piece of sci-fi.

    Levitt is gonna have a monster year.

    • It’s Bruce Willis make-up, not age make-up! But yeah, it looks weird in the still up above. I think it’s fairly invisible in the actual footage (in motion), other than that little part of your brain going off saying “Joe looks a little different…”

      • That’s a better way to put it with the make-up. Yeah, in most shots where he is not moving his head my brain hits a speed bump with the make up. Will be cool to see how he uses it in his performance.

        I never made it through ‘Brick’, but I though ‘Brothers Bloom’ was quirky and fun.