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Trailer Watch: Finding Vivian Maier

Holy wow. This is a really interesting story — a woman named Vivian Maier worked as a nanny in Chicago for about 40 years. In that time, she took about 100,000 photos, which even people close to her never saw. At one point, she became poor and a storage locker of her stuff had been auctioned off, discovered by art historian John Maloof. He identified her eventually (she took a few self-portaits) but didn’t manage to track her down until coming across her obituary in 2009.

None of this would matter, of course, if her photographs weren’t beautiful, and they are, and they’ve become something of a hit on the art scene. Anyway. Check out the trailer, and check out more of her stuff at

The documentary about Maloof and her work was directed by John Maloof and Charlie Siskel; it will be released “sometime” in 2013.