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“Inside the greatest sci-fi film never made” by Bryan Bishop

The Verge’s Bryan Bishop has posted a terrific interview with Frank Pavich about Alejandro Jodorowsky’s unproduced Dune. The interest in this project since Pavich’s documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune popped up has been awesome. I, for one, am dying for a giant, coffee table book loaded with pictures. (Not that one has been announced, but… hopefully someone will get the idea.)

Feast your eyes on this lovely piece by Chris Foss, and click through to the article at The Verge for the many, many more pictures:


Trailer Watch: Jodorowsky’s Dune theatrical trailer

Jodorowsky’s Dune is one of the most influential films never made. Its fingerprints are all over so many movies that came after (and were actually produced). If you’re a sci-fi movie fan, you owe it to yourself to check out this trailer.

The Frank Pavich documentary premiered at Cannes last year, to enthusiastic reviews. It finally hits theaters this March.

Trailer Watch: What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Making Music

As a cartoonist, I’m always interested in explorations of creative people and the creative process. I especially enjoyed It Might Get Loud and if I remember correctly, listed it as my favorite film of 2009 somewhere or another. What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Making Music looks like a completely different approach from It Might Get Loud, but it is an upcoming documentary from Red Bull Music and director Ralf Schmerberg (Problema). Shot at the 2013 Red Bull Music Academy in New York, the film features Brian Eno, Giorgio Moroder, Nile Rodgers, James Murphy and more talking about music and life and shit like that.

It looks pretty interesting as a documentary, but another really interesting thing about it is how they’re distributing it: it will be free at on February 18. (via /Film)

Trailer Watch: Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?: An Animated Conversation with Noam Chomsky

Michel Gondry has a new film coming soon — this one is a documentary of sorts, stemming from a conversation between Gondry and Noam Chomsky. Beyond that, the trailer shows you everything you need to know about it, I think.

Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?: An Animated Conversation with Noam Chomsky hits US theaters on November 22, 2013.

(via /Film)