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Archive for June 3rd, 2013


The Multiplex iPhone app is looking for beta testers.

The next version of the Multiplex iOS app is almost here!

Daniel Farrelly and I have been working hard on a complete rebuild of the Multiplex iPhone app. (Him more than me, really.) It should be more stable than the existing app and the revamped user interface is — I think — pretty sweet. There isn’t a whole lot in the way of new features, but this 2.0 version is laying the groundwork for some sweet new features in the versions to come, including an iPad specific interface (in a universal app, of course), an integrated Chapter eBook store and reader, and more!

The app itself will be free — and ad-free, as well — but we need some volunteer beta testers with iOS devices of all kinds — iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches — to help iron out some of the kinks in the interface, find bugs, and so on. If you have some time to poke around the app and rummage through the archives with this beta version, please fill out the survey linked below to let us know what kind of device(s) you have! We can only handle about twenty people, so if we get more interest than that, we’ll need to choose from the “applicants” (based on your devices and iOS versions, as well as any relevant knowledge or experience you have). Even if we can’t use you for this version, your time is greatly appreciated, and perhaps we’ll be able to use you in a future testing round!

Please click here to fill out the survey/“application” to be a beta tester!

EDIT: Okay! I have all I need for this round of beta testing. If you’d still like to throw your name in the hat in case someone drops out, or for the NEXT version (2.1), we will need more people eventually!