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Trailer Watch: Spike Jonze’s Her

My brother said it best on the Twitters: “if you told me yesterday I’d be excited to see a movie about a guy who falls in love with his phone I would have said you’re crazy”… And, seriously: that’s the premise: Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with Siri (more or less). But Her looks surprisingly engaging, even with that weird premise.

Being John Malkovich and Where the Wild Things Are director Spike Jonze wrote and directs Her, which comes out on November 20, 2013. Just shy of the major Oscarbait dumping grounds, but close enough that the distributor thinks it might be a contender for something.

Scarlett Johansson plays his phone, while Amy Adams and Rooney Mara round out the cast.

One Response to “Trailer Watch: Spike Jonze’s Her”

  1. syclick says:

    As much as I look forward to seeing this, I’m a bit worried that the plot is going to denigrate into something along the lines of:

    Guy falls in love with the computer while getting involved with an actual physical woman… His girlfriend finds out about the computer, gets jealous and/or angry… Guy destroys computer while sobbing… Guy contemplates on the validity of his feelings for the computer, appreciates what it taught him about life. Movie ends.