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Trailer Watch: Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel international trailer

While Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore are two favorites of mine, Anderson’s films since (yes, including Fantastic Mr. Fox and especially The Life Aquatic) have fallen very flat for me. Moonrise Kingdom was a step back in the right direction, but still lacked any of the emotion from Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore.

So while this first (international) trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel looks entertaining enough, I’m a bit wary. The film hits US theaters on March 7, though; I think I’ll need to check out some reviews before I’m on board, but I know some of you will be super excited.

You seem to get an awful lot of the story in the trailer, so I think I can skip the plot description this time…

One Response to “Trailer Watch: Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel international trailer”

  1. mike james says:

    i love this. its irreverent humor and slapstick just screams old school comic relief, maybe with overtones of pink panther, and then a little home alone. with a big dab of monty python. im not a huge movie freek a zoid. so i totally had this one fly under the radar. i think its the non mainstream non hollywood non summer cgi blockbuster feel to it, that has grabbed my attention. thanks for the trailer.