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Trailer Watch: Guardians of the Galaxy, I guess?

Guardians of the Galaxy opens on August 1. Its trailer premiered on Jimmy Kimmel last night, and it is… a little weird.

12 Responses to “Trailer Watch: Guardians of the Galaxy, I guess?”

  1. Mickey says:

    Introducing the characters, setting the snarky tone. Gotta let people who have never heard of them get to know them. I hope next trailer has Rocket & Groot speak.

  2. Sarah M says:

    I think it looks fun, seems like the sense of humour might be right up my alley.

    Also, wow, I did not recognise Karen Gillen for a moment.

  3. Kindra Coates says:

    I have no idea who these characters are other than they belong to Marvel, but after seeing this trailer, I’m ready to see it when I need a fun, popcorn flick.

  4. David Bonnie says:


  5. bobmsith says:

    Was that Nine Inch Nails I heard?

  6. Raulen says:

    I am glad this is coming out, and a bit surprised that Marvel would do it now instead of after Thanos is fully on center stage. Therefore, this is a preamble introductory piece to get Marvel audiences in space again (Fantastic Four had their 15 minutes in space, but in a space station so that barely counted, and X-Men skipped out on the Phoenix Shuttle Origin… to their mighty discredit) for the Thanos reveal.

    In short, this is all about Gamora, setting up for the next Avengers. The others are fun fluff. Excellent casting for her.

    • Nunya says:

      Yeah, but. . . I worry about introducing a franchise as a superhero-space-COMEDY.

      • j_1_m says:

        Having seen both Super and The Specials, I gotta say that if anyone can pull off the tone properly, it’s James Gunn.

      • Jason M Bryant says:

        There’s really no superhero element, other than the fact that it says ‘MARVEL’ at the front of it.

        As for comedy, the trailer looked funny, but I felt like it had the right kind of comedy. It’s not a silly comedy that happens to be in space. It’s not a couple of comedians who happen to be in space. It’s not a parody of sci-fi movies. It doesn’t come across as a genre hybrid, just a space adventure. The humor seems organic, like it’s a reasonable part of the characters.

        • David Kinskey-Lebeda says:

          The trailer reminded me of Hellboy or Hellboy 2. Which to me promises good things, especially since it looks better.

  7. MelSkunk says:

    In the immortal words of Montgomery Burns. “I know what I hate and.. I don’t hate this.”