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The Triple Feature: Artificially Intelligent

This time on The Triple Feature, Tom, Joe and I talk about the JJ Abrams TV series Almost Human, Avengers A.I.: Human After All, and Robot & Frank.

Download: MP3 (23.2 mb)

Incidentally, I tried and failed to show the trailer for Robot & Frank, resulting in two minutes of staring at Joe. Heh. Oops. Well, here it is:

I still need to figure out a good method for converting YouTube videos to downloadable audio-only podcasts — ideally automatically. Anybody know how to do that?

NEXT TIME (Monday, March 9th): Tom, Joe, and I will discuss and the entirety of the series True Detective, EDtv,* first two trade paperbacks of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ Fatale.

* Yes, seriously.

6 Responses to “The Triple Feature: Artificially Intelligent”

  1. Melanie Castle says:

    Hey – as far as video to MP3 I really like Freemake:

    I’ve been using it a long time and have never had issues.

    • Gordon McAlpin says:

      I can do that part easily. I just download the video, open it in Amadeus (an audio editor) and resave it. It’s turning it into a subscribable podcast feed (i.e. iTunes) that I don’t know how to do.

  2. Wade Kenobi says:

    Boy, I’m really gonna miss him. I started reading Theater Hopper early last year, and just binge read it till the end, then started with Multiplex. It’s like a friend at this point, however that sounds.

  3. Jason M Bryant says:

    Hank Pym has been bi-polar for several years. Even long before they started saying that, he’s always been crazy, this is just a more specific diagnosis.

    It’s not a ret-con at all. When he hit his wife it was always portrayed as him having serious mental problems.

    Also, I don’t think the skrull replacement of Pym was supposed to go *that* far back. I don’t think that was ever meant to ret-con his bad moments away.