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Trailer Watch: How to Train Your Dragon 2 official trailer #3

I’m not going to watch this, since I’d like to go in as blank as possible with this movie (so I’ll thank you not to blurt out anything spoilery in the comments below, despite it being in a trailer), but…

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is out on June 13, 2014.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 poster

5 Responses to “Trailer Watch: How to Train Your Dragon 2 official trailer #3”

  1. Szybciej Znakomity says:

    too bad the trailer is blocked in my country -.- damn fascist americans

    • Gordon McAlpin says:

      It’s on iTunes now, as well, if that helps.

      • Szybciej Znakomity says:

        i hate apple as much as jason hates michael bay, so sorry but i will never own an itunes account.

        • Gordon McAlpin says:

          …You don’t need an iTunes account, just Quicktime. And there are plenty of ways to view Quicktime files without actually using Quicktime. But okay, congratulations.

  2. FromtheNorth says:

    Yes, I watched it from Norway just fine through Apple trailers. I’m still ticked that I won’t get to see the movie here before July 4th, and then I’m going to have to find the theatre and time where I can see it in English.