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Multiplex Movie Review: The Rock

I announced a set of Milestone Goals yesterday, for new Multiplex Movie Review comics with Jason taking on a selection of Michael Bay’s greatest hits. We met the first one, and so here it is!

The next Milestone Goal is for reaching $22,000 before MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (Wednesday, July 29) — and right now, we’re a mere $359 324 309 away from that! It is for two review strips: one for Bad Boys and another for Bad Boys II. I didn’t realize you can’t rent/stream Bad Boys II anywhere, so I’ll have to figure out where to see that later — assuming we make the goal — but if we do, I’ll post the review comic for Bad Boys tomorrow!

(I’m not sure there would be enough hours in the day to do both of them and Friday’s comic, anyway.)

2 Responses to “Multiplex Movie Review: The Rock”

  1. StanG says:

    Just so you know, the “his wife” thing is standard practice on Arlington, and not a Bay-ism. I just rewatched The Rock (because of this review actually) and you can even see some other “his wife” headstones in the wide shot prior to the close of the main headstone.

    • Fred says:

      Do you know if there’s any reason for it? I’m hoping its something more plausible than institutionalized misogyny.