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Original Multiplex art giveaway – for Patrons only!


As a special thank-you to my Patreon backers, I’m giving away the inked original art for Multiplex #810, one of the Wrath of Khan/Into Darkness smoosh-up strips to one lucky Patreon backer.

PATRONS AS OF APRIL 1ST (or whenever Patreon charges your accounts again next) ARE ELIGIBLE. So for non-Patreon backers reading this, you can sign up and get your name in the proverbial hat. ANY pledge level is eligible.

I will pay for shipping anywhere in the world, and I sure hope I don’t regret saying that. :) I will announce the winner shortly after patrons’ accounts are charged for the month (usually before the 3rd of the month).

48 hours to go! (And an original art giveaway for Kickstarter backers!)

Pencils for Multiplex #647 

There 48 hours to go in the Multiplex: There and Back Again Lightning Round Kickstarter drive.

In celebration of this, and to promote one final push upwards, I will be giving TWO page of original sheets* of pencils or inks (signed by me) from the current zombie storyline away to a random Kickstarter backers. If you’ve already pledged, you are already entered! You can pledge $1 (although I’ll only get like 65¢ from that, you know that right?), or you can pledge $3,333. You have the same chance of winning. Only Kickstarter backers — of any amount — are eligible. Sorry, people waiting for the PayPal option to open up.

But wait! There’s more! If we get to the secondary funding goal of $17,500 — less than $700 away — by the end of the Kickstarter project at MIDNIGHT, Thursday, April 12th, I will increase that to FOUR sheets.

This is in addition to the super awesome bookmark that will be added to the Basic Sponsor Pack (and Super Sponsor Pack) rewards.

AND THAT’S NOT ALL. If we get to the next funding goal of $20,000 by the end of the Kickstarter project, I will increase that to SIX sheets.

* I say “sheets” because I draw them on 11×14 sheets of Bristol paper. Some strips/pages of the finished comic are broken up across two sheets. And some sheets only have one panel on them. Which page you get is random. But they’re all awesome, man. All of them.

Sale on original art in the Multiplex Store! (or, a little help from my friends)

If you’ve read Multiplex for long, then you know I hate doing this kind of stuff, but between expenses for Emerald City and the tax man, money is… shall we say… very very tight right now. Beyond tight, actually. Suffocatingly tight.

I am working on a very cool freelance project right now, but I won’t be seeing any money from that for at least a month. (Ah, the life of a freelancer.) And there is a chance I will be doing a Kickstarter project for Book 2 soon, but that money would be entirely for the book (and also well over a month away).

So! In order to hopefully raise some of the several hundred dollars I need ASAP, I’ve dropped the price of hand-drawn sketches in the Multiplex Store to $20 (plus shipping) and vector portraits to $60 for the next two weeks to help raise a little cash.

You can also get pages of original art from the zombie story arc (feel free to inquire about any other pages not listed in the store) or be a Multiplex: The Movie Sponsor and appear as a zombie in the strip when filming gets started back up again.

I am also available for any freelance illustration or print design & production needs you might have — for your blog, website, magazine, book, whatever! You can see my portfolio over at and shoot me an e-mail with details!

And, of course, if you don’t want to clutter your house up, you can just donate to Multiplex via PayPal: