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VectorScribe Illustrator plug-in now available from Astute Graphics

Sorry for the promotional post, but for you vector artists out there, a new Illustrator plug-in I’ve been helping beta test for the past few weeks is now available. It’s from Astute Graphics, whose Phantasm CS plug-in I’ve been using for years, and it’s called VectorScribe. VectorScribe’s PathScribe suite of tools extends Adobe Illustrator’s drawing tools in ways Illustrator users have daydreamed of for years, and (like Phantasm CS before it) I now use it every single day, routinely, while working on Multiplex.

The ability to drag a curve out (from a straight line) simply by pulling on the path and its smart point removal tool are probably the two things I do most often with PathScribe, but their presence makes drawing in Illustrator so much more intuitive and pleasant than a simple features list can convey.

Both of Astute Graphics’ plug-ins have free trials, so if you are an Illustrator user, definitely check them out. There are all sorts of videos explaining the tools, too, which will give you a taste of these tools’ possibilities.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: This is NOT a paid endorsement, but as a beta tester, I did receive a free copy of VectorScribe. That said, I would absolutely have paid the $65 [or so] for the VectorScribe Designer plug-in, and I think the additional VectorScribe Studio features have some terrific — if somewhat niche — uses, as well.)

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