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Multiplex #115 2/3: The Apartment All to Myself

This is the second of two bonus comics that follow Multiplex #115 in the Chapter 6 eBook — and the Book 2 print collection, eventually — this time, jumping forward a little from the New Year’s 2007 arc. (The New Year’s arc started here, if you want to refresh your memory of the whole arc.) In case you missed Multiplex #115 1/3: Wish You Weren’t Here earlier this week, you’ll want to read that first.

I’ve got five more bonus comics for Chapter 6 left before I can release the eBook, and I’d like to crank them out as quickly as possible, but bills come first, of course. If you’d like to speed up the process for Chapter 6 and/or Book 2, please feel free make a donation or buy something from the Multiplex Store or whatevz.

5 Responses to “Multiplex #115 2/3: The Apartment All to Myself”

  1. I’ve not actually seen The Apartment (yeah, I know NOTHING ABOUT FILM!) but is that the movie they’re both watching? I’m guessing because of the poster.