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Trailer Watch: The Adventures of Tintin trailer #2 (updated with Spielberg & Jackson)

A new, more in-depth trailer for Steven Spielberg’s motion capture Hergé adaptation, The Adventures of Tintin has hit the webs, and while the first two trailers looked pretty good, now I’m sold on it. I’m still not crazy about the character designs, but the fluidity of the movement is terrific, and the performances and the story all feel true to the books — as well as a whole lot of fun.

Check it out in HD over at Apple, or with the YouTube embed below:

The film opens in the UK this weekend, but won’t hit the US until December 21st (a whole two days earlier than the last time I checked). Let us know how it is, mates!

UPDATE (10/19): THR has kindly provided a short interview with director Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson about their involvement with the Tintin film, and it sports a few seconds of footage not seen in this new trailer. Good stuff, all around.

2 Responses to “Trailer Watch: The Adventures of Tintin trailer #2 (updated with Spielberg & Jackson)”

  1. I completely agree. Suddenly, I’m sold and excited.

    • Anonymous says:

      Likewise. I’m a strong believer that animated characters have to be seen in motion. I’ve dismissed out of hand animated shows based on stills only to later regret my presumptions. The designs look weird on their own but seem to fit well in the whole ‘world’ and I suspect after about 10 minutes the oddness will vanish.